Talking storage structure rental with Hart Door Systems Ltd’s Nick Hart

Rubb made the quick trip over to Newcastle to find out why Nick Hart—the managing director of Hart Door Systems Ltd—chose to rent their new storage structure from Rubb Buildings.

The structure was previously rented as storage for a furniture specialist. After two years of rental, it was returned to Rubb and given new life as a rental with Hart. Rubb was able to offer a 36-month rental contract for the 10m span x 16m long BVR type storage building, featuring a sidewall height of 6m. A 4m x 4m roller shutter door provides access and egress to the storage facility, in addition to two tunnels connecting it to the factory floor.


 What is the building used for? 

I originally approached Rubb because we needed to extend our production facility, we didn’t have enough space because of the influx of work we have currently, so we’re using the building for storage space, partly finished and fully finished products at the moment. 


Was it easy to erect? 

The erection process was very simple, the guys came along, they drilled down and fitted some foundation bolts over the course of a few days, and then they came back at a later date and took a week to erect the building. It was very efficient. 


The erection process was fantastic, the guys put down some foundation bolts originally, which took a day or two, and the building took another three or four days to erect. 


How has it performed so far? 


The building has performed brilliantly so far, we’ve got two tunnels that link to the existing building so the access into the building is fantastic, it’s remained dry, it’s light during the day when we have day light hours so there’s no need for lighting, we’re just in the process of installing some lighting inside so we can use it with the darker nights that are coming.  

Why did you choose Rubb? 


I’ve been aware of Rubb for a lot of years now and their reputation in the industry for making fantastic, first class buildings, they make huge buildings and very small buildings, so I approached them and asked them if they had anything that would be suitable for our site. And the secondary reasoning is we have a continuous working relationship with them, as we supply all of their roller shutter doors for the smaller buildings that they manufacture. 


Why did you choose to rent the building? 


We chose to rent the building mainly because of planning issues and concerns, if we were to do a capital purchase on the building we would have had to have gone through a lengthy planning process, but because we’re renting it, it’s a temporary structure, we were able to erect the building without any further consent, so we’ve rented it for a three year period, and that allowed us to put up the building straight away without any issue. 


How have you found the rental experience? 


The rental experience is seamless, they send an invoice in every month and we pay the amount. 

As well as using the structure as a high-quality storage facility, Harts will use it to prototype a new door system. Based on the Speedor Storm door—a high-speed automatic door available up to 8m high with wind class 5—they are developing a smaller version for sizes up to 4m x 4m. This will be a cost-effective solution for openings that require the quality engineering of the Speedor Storm, but at a reduced size. Still in the development stage, it is likely to be launched later this year after testing with this Rubb structure.

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