Temporary buildings, permanent demand

In our uncertain business climate one thing is for sure, there will always be a need for high quality temporary buildings from a reliable supplier. Rubb Buildings Ltd, based in Gateshead, has a forty-year history of satisfied customers across a variety of industry sectors, including manufacturing and warehousing and logistics, as well as sporting organisations and the armed forces.

In the warehouse and logistics sector the biggest call for Rubb’s products is as warehouse space solutions to ease the ongoing shortage of available storage space near existing premises.

Rubb Buildings’ Steph Coyle, Sales Executive and Rubb Warehouse Specialist, spoke to Warehouse & Logistics News.

Warehouse & Logistics News – Steph, what does your role involve day to day?

On a daily basis, I deal with enquiries and ongoing projects from a range of industries and professions such as architects, consultants, project managers and the end user client directly. I liaise with a lot of sub-contractors and I work with our in-house design team to develop the best solution to my clients’ needs.

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