Temporary storage solutions from Rubb

In unpredictable and unprecedented situations, flexible and rapidly built structures are necessary to respond to any unforeseen circumstances and future trade patterns at very short notice. The shifting goalposts of warehouse demands can only be addressed by flexible construction solutions.

Rubb prides itself in the adaptability of its fabric structures. Whole Rubb projects can be relocated, expanded, dismantled and stored or even sold to new users. Rubb’s fabric structures represent a stable investment and an ideal solution for temporary storage, as once built there are still many possibilities for the structure.

Port storage fabric warehouses

These options are often unused, however, as many of our clients choose to leave their Rubb structures standing for many years. Rubb structures are built to last, with hot-dip galvanized steel frames and durable PVC membranes. Though Rubb structures are relocatable and quick to erect they are very much robust constructions, with excellent resistance to corrosion and harsh weather. Quality materials and trusted construction methods provide a structure with an expected life of more than 30 years.

Due to this expert engineering and quality materials, Rubb structures often require much less maintenance than traditional buildings, and any that is required is usually less expensive and quicker to complete. 

There are many benefits to Rubb’s fabric engineered structures. This becomes especially apparent in the temporary storage industry, where adaptability and affordability are key to both maintaining and expanding your business.

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