The Brexit Countdown

With just days to go until the Brexit transition, many businesses will need to be prepared.

Checkpoints are vital for ensuring the safe and legitimate passage of goods, vehicles, and people through borders of all kinds the world over. Recent events have shown how quickly border requirements can change, so it is essential for checkpoint structures to be able to match this pace in these uncertain times.

Rubb’s checkpoint structures provide border control solutions…

The structures are rapidly deployable, flexible, and durable. Based on our range of EFASS fabric structures deployed by militaries across the globe, Rubb’s checkpoint structures are highly engineered to suit any situation.   

Rubb have previously supplied checkpoint structures to organisations such as Groupe Eurotunnel SE—operators of the Channel Tunnel between the United Kingdom and France—who required a sunshade car port facility to form part of their infrastructure development at their UK Terminal in Folkestone. 

Many UK businesses are also looking for facilities with agility and flexible storage space.

‘Build to suit’ storage solutions are key to companies being more efficient with available space and planning for the future. Businesses are also looking for the ability to be able to make structural alterations to accommodate forthcoming demands.

Ultimately flexibility, agility, capability and dependability will help support future outcomes in a Brexit environment. With Rubb, businesses can consider how to best use their existing space in order to remain agile in an ever-changing world. Flexible warehouse space provides businesses with many unique advantages. The benefits of Rubb buildings include fast designmanufacture and construction, with the flexibility to be adapted, modified, extended or relocated if needed. This allows clients to adapt quickly to change.

Contact the Rubb team today to find out how we can support your business through Brexit.