Thirty reasons to invest in a Rubb Building

We revisited Rubb’s first ever sports facility to find out more about the long term advantages of choosing a Rubb building solution to meet your needs.

The £53,000 Monty Hind Training Centre was constructed In July 1982 and is still going strong 30 years later. The club is named after local hero Lt. Francis Montagu Hind who was killed in action at the Battle of the Somme in 1916. It is run by voluntary organisation Nottinghamshire Clubs for Young People. Rubb worked on the original project which was for a steel framed 15.5m span x 45m long NV structure for Monty Hind Boys Club. The facility featured 4m high vertical side walls and a 4m x 4m manual roller shutter door.

We spoke to Lisa Barker who has been Senior Manager at the Monty Hind Training Centre since 2006…

How has the building performed over its thirty year history?

The building has been a great asset to the young people for use especially during the winter months. Although it is only in the past 3 years whereby we have had proper heating installed. This was achieved through a grant and fundraising efforts.

What has it been used for (sports, events, activities)?

We use it every day. In the daytime a local college uses it for coaching their students on sports courses as it is very fit for purpose. In the evenings we have a youth club and during the winter months we have 10 different football teams train indoors. We also deliver Community Sports Leaders Awards in here and host boxing events for our national organisation. We also use it sometimes for fundraisers and social events.

As clients and end users what would you say are the benefits of a Rubb building?

It is long lasting (it has lasted double the amount of time it was anticipated to). It is hard wearing. It is easy to manage and if you keep on top of any small tears or damaged laces then this prolongs its life.

What does it cost to run the building?

The sports hall only costs us for the cleaning and the heating during the winter months. This probably equates to £20 per week.

Does it provide revenue for your organisation?

Yes. We hire the sports hall out everyday apart from Sunday and that is just because we don’t have the capacity to manage another booking at present.

Has it been cost effective and if so please explain?

Extremely because it was envisaged that we would have had to put a new roof on well before now.

Do you have any comments on after sales service?

I have nothing but positive feedback for the company. Grant Davidson was always very helpful and Trevor who measured up was nice and Steve and John were extremely helpful, friendly and polite.

How would you rate the overall performance of your Rubb building to date?

9.5 out of 10.

What does the future hold for Monty Hind and its Rubb building?

For now there are no plans to change what we have.