Training days for RAF 5001 Squadron get underway

The UK Royal Air Force’s Air Combat Support Unit has been building up its knowledge about Rubb Military hangars, door systems and roof mounted crane technology.

5001 Squadron routinely deploys around the world to provide, maintain and dismantle expeditionary airfield facilities to support deployed air operations, so it is essential that the team receives the best training on the equipment used in theatre.

Sergeant Chris Scott, Sergeant Daryl Spillsbury, Senior Aircraftman (SAC) Peter McCartney, SACW Anne-Marie Sayle, SAC Kevin Hartley, SAC Chris Shaw and SAC Mike McDonald joined Rubb training adviser John Borlace on a week-long training session at Rubb UK’s HQ in Gateshead.

Crane engineer James Quinton was also on hand to provide training on installing, dismantling and using the crane.

Sergeant Scott said: “The whole squadron is deploying to Afghanistan soon to support the drawdown of Operation Herrick. We will be dismantling nine 20m RES (Rapid Erect Shelter) buildings and six 25m RES buildings.

“The training with John is key to getting the structures down. Three teams will be going out and this will ensure the troops all know what they are doing.

“The experience will be shared between the teams. It has been a busy six months for the Squadron and we expect to be out there until Christmas.”

Sales Manager Andy Knox said: “The training is invaluable to us both. It keeps the Squadron up to date regarding any changes to the hangar system and new developments. It helps provide the knowledge and skills to allow the teams to get out there and complete their projects as quickly as possible. In turn we can act positively on feedback they provide about their experiences working with the EFASS structures. This helps us improve our products for the future.”

Managing Director Ian Hindmoor added: “Rubb is proud to be able to support 5001 Squadron’s preparation for their role in Afghanistan.”

Rubb’s rapid deployment military shelters are used by defence organisations to house a variety of fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft as well as UAVs, military equipment and supplies. The roof mounted crane system is a highly regarded accessory associated with Rubb’s Expeditionary Forces Aircraft Shelter System range of rapid erect buildings. Its addition was based on feedback from Ministry of Defence staff who work with Rubb structures out in the field.