Zurhaar AS group supports Turkey-Syria earthquake aid efforts

In the week since the 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit both Turkey and Syria, both Rubb and its sister company O.B.Wiik have received many enquiries from international aid organisations to supply emergency tents and halls.

O.B.Wiik has supplied its products to the UN and Non-Governmental Organisations for over 30 years, so they are uniquely prepared for situations like this due to the logistical framework they have in place. This is a group priority, so Rubb and the wider Rubb Industries AS companies will provide any support necessary to meet these orders as soon as possible.

“O.B.Wiik has for many years had framework agreements with various organisations. Therefore, we can be ready with quick help when the response time is critical. Tents that are made especially for emergency aid needs are pre-produced and pre-stored in various places in the world, including Uganda, China, Italy, and Dubai. From Dubai it may be possible to transport our tents and halls in containers directly to Syria and Turkey on trucks,” says Rune Birkeland, Zurhaar AS CEO.

O.B.Wiik AS

Time is of the essence

The death toll of the major earthquake has reached 34,000 at time of writing, but now millions of the living have been displaced from their ruined homes—forced to sleep in the open in often sub-zero conditions. A quick response is essential to improving these conditions.

“When a crisis first occurs, response time is important,” says O.B.Wiik’s International Department Director Ole Gregersen. “Our emergency aid halls and tents are designed for quick assembly under tough conditions. They can be installed without the need for a separate tool. Thanks to our international framework, we can send out halls within 24 hours of an order being received.”

At this time it is impossible to say how this crisis will evolve, so O.B.Wiik is uncertain regarding total order numbers. “But we are probably talking about fifty plus,” Gregersen estimates.

O.B.Wiik AS

The foundation of aid

“Our halls are often the first to arrive in a disaster area, as they are needed to store other emergency equipment such as blankets, kitchen equipment, water purification equipment, and food,” Gregersen continues. “They are also used as workshops and hospitals, which are central to aid efforts. We form the foundation for support in disaster areas like this.”

“The halls are easy to assemble and are erected with local manual labour,” he explains. “There is no use for a crane or special tools, which is important as the halls are often set up in areas where there is no access to such equipment. We can be there right from the start.”

“For the earthquake relief operations in Turkey and Syria, we have many deliveries underway to several organisations. The halls in various sizes will be sent from warehouses in Norway, Dubai, and China,” Gregersen concludes.

O.B.Wiik AS

How can you help?

Please donate to the charity of your choice. Every donation matters for the people of Turkey and Syria that have lost everything. We suggest the British Red Cross.

Rubb is incredibly proud of its group’s response to this humanitarian emergency, and will continue to provide all the support it can to ensure O.B.Wiik’s tents and halls reach those that need them most.